How to Install WordPress Step by Step

Now a days mostly website create to wordpress,because its user friendly and open source also.all wordpress theme and plugin free to available for wordpress advantage is anybody can access in this cms,and fully responsive theme available for internet.below wordpress installation all free setup no cost.

WordPress Installation Step by Step

Step 1:

Download WordPress. Download the WordPress Zip file to your local computer from

Step 2:

Extract WordPress Zip file to your local computer.

Step 3:

If you want work to local computer go to your wampp or xampp server,if you don’t have  wampp or xampp server go to download internet.its also free. below link

Step 4:

Next go to your xampp or wampp server folder where you installed, if you install xampp server open (htdoc folder) and if you install wampp server open to (www folder), to save extract wordpress file.


Step 5:

if you want work to cpanel, go to open your cpanel account,and click file manger->public_html open to extract your wordpress file.


Step 6:

Open wp-config-sample.php file in your wordpress folder,rename to wp-config.php

Step 7:

Change your own Database_name, username,password. if you used local wampp or xampp server the username is root password is blank.


Step 8:

Open to any browser like google chrome or internet explorer to type localhost/phpmyadmin

then enter key press it will be open for database below

Step 9:

Click to database create your databse name,note same database to use phpmyadmin area. means what do you put for wp-config.php that database name to use here.

Step 10:

And open to your browser  and type localhost/wordpress (or) localhost/your_file_name_here then open for like below:

click to continue, the will be open for below page like:

To fill your site title,username,password,email id,and keep to mind your username,password whatever to you put.

Next show for,

Enter your username and password  to use your wordpress cms.

We hope, you all are like this topic.if you have any query,please drop me your comment below comment box section,we are reply to you as soon as possible.


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